Fangsgiving Spirits Lift This Season

By gorygazette

This time of year has always been one of the most epic seasons to stay vocal about what you’re thankful for. This year, MHGG staffers were tasked with finding out what our very own student bodies were most thankful for – and the results were truly inspiring!

When stopped in the hallway, Draculaura didn’t blink twice before answering. “My scary-cute BFF (Bat Friend Forever), of corpse! Count Fabulous is the sweetest pet a vampire could ever ask for.” Other ghoulfriends were just as quick to unearth a loving response. Scream Queen Cleo De Nile surprised staffers with her honest and heartfelt answer, “My sister may be a royal pain, but her freaky flaws are what make her shine in my eyes.” Shocked by her open sincerity (and sensing a loving tear in her eye) staffers stood by, mouths agape before she continued, “Avert your eyes and get over it!”

Operetta also has a homespun and heartfelt thing to be thankful for this year. “Why my homestate of Louisiana! This ghoul wouldn’t get by without my rockabilly lullibies. It’s a real important part of who I am as a monster,” she told reporters. For Toralei, her friends are what matter to her most. “Purrhaps I’d say Meowlody and Purrsephone? They’re the only cats in school that don’t rub me the wrong way.”

We hope all of our UHHH-mazing MHGG readers had a Happy Fangsgiving! You are the biggest part of what makes this publication so fangtastic.

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